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Started mid-morning from the Bratislava train station, we arrived in the early afternoon in Budapest. Time to put our suitcases in our apartment and have lunch, we are ready to explore the Hungarian capital. On Andrássy street, full of cafes and restaurants as well as many shops, you can reach the Museum-House of Terror (1). This austere building was used as …. 

5 days in Budapest step by step with roadmaps

3 reasons to visit budapest

Budapest? Why did you choose Budapest? This is one of the things we heard when we announced that our next travel destination would be the capital of Hungary. After being in Prague and Bratislava, someone could say that we have a fixation with Eastern Europe, but the truth is that these places are really rich in culture and architecture, that are places …

3 main reasons to visit Budapest

1 day in bratislava

The first stage of our visit to the city of Bratislava is the Grassalkovich palace, presidential residence, and his square, where you can admire a fountain with a sphere in the center representing the Earth. Continuing towards the center, we crossed Postova street, an alley full of small shops where you can find the statue “Postova”, one of many statues-attraction of the Slovak capital….

1 day in Bratislava step by step, with roadmap

3 Reasons to visit Madrid

Madrid will captivate you for its vitality: walking through its streets you will notice people crowd coffee and restaurants, browse in the shops and markets, stroll through the parks, make rows in front of the many theaters of the city and this at all hours! But here are three reasons to put Madrid on top of your list of upcoming places to visit….

3 main reasons to visit Madrid

Shortcut to Madrid

1 – Barrio de las Letras – This neighborhood, famous for having hosted many great Spanish writers, consists of a web of alleys full of small shops, bars and tavernas of tapas, and small squares where to spend the happy hour.

3 – Puerta del Sol – This square is the real centre of the city, not surprisingly here you will find the…

6 days in Madrid step by step with roadmaps

Cerralbo Museum

For those of you who love art, do not dislike a visit to a museum and are intrigued to see how a nobleman led his life between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, you have to pay a visit to the Cerralbo museum! The museum is housed in the beautiful palace of the Cerralbo family….

For those of you who love art in all forms

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