Budapest? Why did you choose Budapest? This is one of the things we heard when we announced that our next travel destination would be the capital of Hungary. After being in Prague and Bratislava, someone could say that we have a fixation with Eastern Europe, but the truth is that these places are really rich in culture and architecture, that are places where history is not something far centuries but rather a near past and that are places where the costs are still quite low, if you are a young couple with a great desire to travel and visit, without spending too much. But here are our three reasons to visit Budapest:

1 • Architecture

The Hungarian capital is full of beautiful buildings; from the Parliament to the Bastions of the fishermen there will be plenty of things to see. For those who are particularly fond of art nouveau buildings, (or as called in these areas, secessionism), Budapest is the place to go. In addition to the well-known Gresham Palace, New York Palace or the Secession Museum, we suggest you to wander around the streets of Pest, and pretty much everywhere you will find palaces with soft curvy lines and many amazing wrought iron gates.

2 • The Margaret Bridge

To visit Budapest you will have to cross one of the many bridges over the Danube sooner or later. In addition to the Chain Bridge, a true symbol of the city, we suggest you to cross the Margaret bridge by foot. Thanks to the position and the shape of the bridge, you’ll see the best postcard view of Budapest. At a glance you will see Pest and Parliament on one side, you will face the Danube and the Chain Bridge, while on the right you will find the bank of Buda with the royal palace and in the distance, the Gellert hill. From the bridge you can access Margaret Island, a park where the locals go to spend a few hours immersed in nature or go to practice sports.

3 • Budapest at night

Usually many cities display a special charm at sunset when the sky is painted in bright colors as the sun slowly disappears. It’s even more spectacular what happens immediately after sunset, just be near the Parliament and admire its lighting. First some dim light at the base, then more and more along the walls and the spiers and then the reflections of the light on the pavement of the square. The parliament will be lit in all its majesty and in your total astonishment. Truly unrenounceable it’s walking along the Danube: the Bastions, the church of St. Matyas, the Royal Palace and the Chain Bridge will all be illuminated and perfectly visible, giving you an extraordinary show.

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