Madrid will captivate you for its vitality: walking through its streets you will notice people crowd coffee and restaurants, browse in the shops and markets, stroll through the parks, make rows in front of the many theaters of the city and this at all hours! But here are three reasons to put Madrid on top of your list of upcoming places to visit:

1 • Cities for small budgets

For those wishing to visit a European capital but do not want to spend a fortune, Madrid could be the ideal solution. In fact, from Italy and Europe too, there are often flight offers to this destination, plus, the center is full of hostals in which you can stay at low cost. As far as food is concerned, especially fot lunch time, it will not be difficult to eat in the various food markets of the capital (see Mercado de San Miguel or Mercado Anton Martin) or the numerous tapas restaurants for modest amounts. On the transport front, you will easily find out by taking a look at a map, that the areas of interest to visit are quite near one from another and therefore, if you feel like it, you can reach the various attractions on foot. For those who prefer to use public transport, you can buy travelcards or travel booklets saving some money.

2 • Museums

Madrid is rich in culture and home to three of the world’s most important international museums: the Prado museum, the Reina Sofia museum and the Thyssen-Bornemizan museum. The visit to these museums is fundamental if you are an art lover. There is a cumulative ticket for the three museums called “Paseo del arte” which will save you 20% compared to the purchase of individual entries. In addition, the two state museums are accessible for free on certain weekdays in specific time slots, although I strongly advise against visiting the Prado this way, because, considering the dimention of the museum and the many artworks, a couple of hours isn’t enough time for the place to be seen and appreciated.

3 • Parks

Walking in the city parks is one of our favorite things: it’s a way to pretend to be a citizen enjoying the beauty of nature. Madrid is full of green areas, the must-see are the Parque del Buen Retiro, whose visit could take you to spend a whole day there, and the Parque de Oeste, with the oriental touch of the Templo de Debod

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